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7 Reasons You Want Referral Business and How to Get Them

Studies have proven that there is one reason why people don't do more referral business: they don't ask. There are two reasons why, they forget or they don't have a strong enough relationship with their clients, so they don't feel comfortable The truth is every professional should strive to have all of their business be referral because the benefits of referral business are undeniable and extensive.
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Top 10 Ways Websites Makes Me Suffer

I believe some people create and publish websites for the sole purpose of tormenting their visitors. Browsing various websites and navigating the Web can often be like trying to read on an airplane while a kid kicks the back of your seat and the baby next to you alternates between screaming, crying and drooling on you.

Business Profitability - 10 Ways To Boost

10 Ways to Boost your ProfitabilitySo many business owners work hard - really hard - just to break even or keep afloat. Each one of us deserves reward for our efforts, whether that be financial or personal.

Wealth Building Scams

I have some good news and I have some bad news. First the good news.

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Seven Questions to Improve Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life One of the most powerful tools we have as humans is our ability to ask questions. The more adept we are at asking them (and waiting for and listening to the answers), the more effective we will be.

Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Reading Habit

Most people wish they read more. It is an activity that is both fun and enlightening.

Ten Tips for Cross Cultural Communication

Here are some simple tips to help you improve your cross cultural communication skills: Slow Down Even when English is the common language in a cross cultural situation, this does not mean you should speak at normal speed. Slow down, speak clearly and ensure your pronunciation is intelligible.

7 Reasons Why Training Doesn't Produce the Desired Results and What You Can Do To

Seven Reasons Why Training Doesn't Produce the Desired Results and What You Can Do To Improve Your Results OverviewAbraham Maslow said, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." As managers, leaders and change agents, we want to improve our organizational performance.

Your Leadership Shopping List

'Tis the season to give. And finding the right gift to give the people on your team can be challenging.

Top Seven Reasons to Publicize your Business with Articles

Do you want to be #1-10 on Google and other search engines? Do you want quadruple your Web sales in five months? Promote your business to the top with these 7 reasons to write and submit how-to articles. 1.

Top Ten Tips for Online Publishing Success

Use the checklist below to make sure your article, tip, or book excerpt will get published and make you a household name on the Internet. 1.

Top Ten Things to Do to Make your Signature File Sell

Always include a powerful signature on every email you send out, even to friends. It's even more important when you send out articles to opt-in ezines (no spam) and top web sites in your field--more important than your article's message.

The Top Ten Ways to Attract Buyers, Not Just Visitors to your Web Site

Have you put a lot of effort, time, and money into your site and are frustrated with low sales? If you are like many professionals out there, you know your subject; you are excellent at your craft. You have a great service and maybe a great product to sell.

Plan Your Success In Seven Ways

Many businesses lose money yearly because they don't think creatively about the future. They run their businesses doing what they think they should: dealing with customers, dealing with problems, ordering for their business, and paying their expenses.

Want a Web Site that Turns Lookie Loos into Buyers? Seven Passion Copywriting Tips

Web Site Blues? Need one, don't know where to start? Got one, but aren't getting enough sales? If you need a Web site soon you may be wondering where to start and who to trust. All Web masters are not equal.

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Text prescription drug-abuse tips to DEA
The tip service coincides with new DEA rules released early this month to authorize police departments, doctors' offices and pharmacies to take in old prescription drugs and dispose of them properly so that the drugs won't get into the hands of abusers.
DEA offers Arizonans ability to provide tips about prescription drugs via text ...Cronkite News

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Olympic skier offers up Colorado ski trip tips
KUSA - Olympic gold medal winning skier Picabo Street is offering up her tips to help plan your winter ski trip in Colorado. Loading… Post to Facebook. Olympic skier offers up Colorado ski trip tips KUSA - Olympic gold medal winning skier Picabo ...

'Be picky' and 24 other great tips for teachers on how to manage a classroom
Washington Post (blog)
While an education reform policy debate becomes ever more furious around the country, teachers still have to teach every day. Here, from, are 25 great tips to help teachers keep their classrooms in control. The most brilliant teacher can't ...

Tips For Finding The Right Doctor
The Onion (satire)
A skilled physician should be able to detect any potential health problems, so never tip them off by revealing any of your symptoms. Ask them straight up if they've ever killed a patient on purpose. Tell your doctor your fidney hurts. A good one will ...

The Independent

FIFA 15: gameplay tips from a world champion
The Independent
Patrick Hadler, 19, a teaching assistant from Germany, has the Guinness World Record for achieving the highest score of 321-0 on FIFA World Cup 2014. He also holds the world record for Highest margin of victory against a computer on FIFA 13 and Highest ...


The $7 Trillion Opportunity: Money Management Tips From The Financial ...
By some counts, adults born after 1980 — aka, Millennials or Generation Y — control $2 trillion in liquid assets. Within the next six years, that number will surge to $7 trillion. Some may think we're lazy and entitled, but we're ripe for the picking ...

New York Times

When Living on Tips Means Putting Up With Harassment
New York Times
The study showed that women reliant on tips made up the highest share of those who had experienced harassment and that those who lived in states where the tipped minimum wage was $2.13 an hour (the federal minimum for tipped workers) were twice as ...

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Huffington Post

11 Tips for Better Holiday Photo Cards
Huffington Post
Growing up, we used to receive loads of holiday cards from family, friends and my dad's business associates. But the highlight every year was a photo card from cousins who lived on a farm in Pennsylvania. We rarely saw them in person, but we got to ...

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Huffington Post

5 Small Business SEO Tips You Can Implement In-House Right Now
Huffington Post
Here are 5 small business SEO tips that you can implement right now in-house. These can help you improve your online presence and begin to attract website traffic. Some businesses have to start small because of budget limitations, and there is nothing ...

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San Jose Mercury News

Wish You Were Here: Vacation tips from fellow travelers
San Jose Mercury News
Its icon, El Castillo (pictured), a pyramid dedicated to the god Kukulcan, is a testimony to this culture's impressive precision, which still baffles visitors today." Travel tips: "It's a full day tour from Cancun. Take the tour with an expert guide ...

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